College & K-12 Schools



Anti Theft Dots has created various Crime Prevention & Recovery Programs for Colleges Campuses at very affordable pricing.

College programs include U Tag It. In this program students are given 3-5 Anti Theft Dots High Security DNA Labels to mark their bike, laptop, cellphone, TV & Stereo equipment at registration. There are quick Youtube videos on how to mark and register all of their property in the LENRD (Law Enforcement National Recovery Database). They record serial numbers, property descriptions and pictures from their smart phones with the Anti Theft Dots App.

If the students property is lost or stolen Police can quickly ID the owner in LENRD. Parents love this all for less then $10 a year per student. Call or email our College Loss Prevention Specialist today to learn how your campus could benefit form a customized program.



Anti Theft Dots realizes that school districts spend a lot of money equipping their students with the latest technology such as iPads, Tablet Computers and Laptop Computers only to have a large percentage of those lost or stolen each year.

Anti Theft Dots has created customized Loss Prevention Programs for these assets at very affordable prices that average less then $2.00 a computer. All of the districts computers are entered into LENRD with the serial numbers, computer description and pictures. If they are lost or stolen Police, Computer Repair Facilities and Pawn Shops can ID and return the computers to the school district of record.

Call or email our K-12 Loss Prevention Specialist today to learn how your school district could benefit form a customized program.