The Law Enforcement National Recovery Database LENRD connects Police Departments, Sheriff’s Office and other enforcement agencies across the United States. Lost and stolen property is recovered every day in communities around the country. Unfortunately only a small percentage of that recovered property is ever returned to the true and rightful owners.

LENRD provides valuable information that allows law enforcement to search property by a variety of methods, increasing the chances of recovery. In addition, when property is recovered law enforcement can input all the information when recording it, providing key information to assist other agencies in their searches.

LENRD also expands outside the boundaries of law enforcement including approved third party users, such as recyclers, pawn shops and other outlets that are commonly used by criminals to sell stolen property.

In approved areas where a third party business participates, they will be required to enter property in the database that was brought in for purchase or trade. The third party is required to include all fields of information, including serial numbers, unique identifying features, make, model, description and even pictures.

LENRD also includes our “Smart Features”. These features are outgoing alerts and online scanning. The alerts and notifications are generated by the owner of the property that is reporting the property lost or stolen. Once the property is reported either stolen or lost, an optional notification can be sent to selected third party businesses and law enforcement. The notifications will include pictures, description and other related information that will assist in identification and recovery.

The online scanning is a new state of the art feature that allows the user to scan popular online sites such as Craigslist, eBay and other local sites that are used to sell stolen property. The user will enter information about the property and select the sites they would like to scan. If any matches are found a link to the site and property is emailed to the user to compare the stolen items to that shown online.

LERND is an independent service that is designed strictly for the use of recovery of property; it’s the goal of the program to include every law enforcement agency across the country.