DNA MicroKit comes with a small application tray and application brush. The Anti-Theft Dots must be applied to all your property at the time of opening the package. You can mark up to 50 locations.

Once the Anti-Theft Dots are applied to your property it can be entered in the Law Enforcement National Recovery Database LENRD.

Recommended Applications

  • » Outdoor Equipment
  • » Vehicles
  • » Tools
  • » Boats and ATV's
  • » Electronics
  • » Personal Property
  • » Office equipment

DNA MicroKits provide the user the ability to mark up to 50 different items quickly and register them in the Law Enforcement National Recovery Database. Once you empty the adhesive into the application tray provided, you can brush and dab the Anti-Theft Dots special adhesive to your valuables. Make sure you register your property in the law enforcement national recovery database to increase your recovery rate of the property if lost or stolen. The DNA MicroKits also include several warning decals that can be placed on the property you mark and in your window as a strong deterrent to criminals.