Bicycles are one of the most common targets for criminals. Each year nearly 2 million bicycles are reported stolen, totaling nearly $50 million in losses.

In most communities local law enforcement has some type of bike registry. This is to help prevent the theft as well as provide a method of recovery.

There are 1,000's of bicycles in evidence/property rooms at local police departments around country that will never be returned because they cannot be identified.


There are three important things you must do to protect your bike

1. Lock it
2. Mark it
3. register it

Mark you bike now with a DNA high security label or Bike/DNA MicroKit and register it in the Law Enforcement National Recovery Database. Our high security labels help prevent bike theft and give law enforcement a method to identify and return your bike. If the label is removed the special adhesive leaves behind your DNA microdot PIN # giving police the ability to recover it.

Document or register you bike

Register your bike in the Law Enforcement National Recovery Database. – see the Registration form When a criminal steals a bike, most likely it will not stay in the same community which is was stolen, LENRD provide ownership of the bicycle, including contact increasing the chances of recovery.

The law enforcement recovery database allows you to enter unique identifying information, as well as a picture and serial number.

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